Monday, March 18, 2013

I Love Nurseries

I have always been excited for expecting moms and found great joy in helping mommies prepare a room especially for their little one.  Events over the past few years and pure exhaustion have taken away some of that excitement for me, and that news doesn't hit me in the same way anymore.  However, I refuse to allow misfortunes in life to prevent me from blessing others.  Looking back at some of the paintings and murals I have done for friends reminds me of how great my God truly is (because it wouldn't be possible without Him). 

My Very 1st Mural

I created a painting for that room as well 

 My 2nd Mural

 A painting for my friend's son

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Mouseketeer Treats

This weekend I managed to find some time to work on the designs for some party favors.  Customizing things is long as you have lots of patience :-) Although these gifts may look expensive they are actually the result of some $1 items, craft store coupons, a little hard work, and some trial-and-error experiences.  I usually start planning the theme for my daughter's next birthday the day after her party, so I collect items little by little.

The Makings of the Perfect Mouseketeer: Mickey shirt & Ears!

 Wrapped & Ready To Go!

A Little Special Touch