Friday, October 31, 2014

Cute & Crafty

My oldest niece loves fashion and crafts, so we decided to host a spa/crafting party for her 13th birthday.  I put together spa baskets filled with polish, buffers, nail files, polish remover, eye masks, and hand towels.  I absolutely LOVE the Dollar Store.

Target also had some cute jewelry making kits on clearance, so I also created a crafting station for the the girls to decorate bracelets, necklaces, and sunglasses.

My niece loves zebra print so I decided to use zebra print and lipstick (actually they're ink pens) for the table setting.

When my niece walked into the house, she LOVED it...and that made Auntie's day :-)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Happy Halloween

Once again my friend came through like no other!  For my daughter's classmates, I found some cute bags at the Dollar Store and made treat bags to go inside.  I asked my creative friend if she could make coordinating tags and she did an amazing job!

I also put together a Halloween basket for my daughter.  We usually have very few trick-or-treat visitors but I always like to be prepared.  I used the tag design I purchased last year to create a few treat bags just in case.  I try to stay away from a lot of candy treats, so I purchased play-doh and activity packs for the little ones.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

My Beginner Quilts

I am starting a new chapter with my quilting (so stay tuned!!!) and trying to push myself to new heights.  As I start this journey, I want to reflect on some of my beginner work.

This was my first quilt after taking my first quilting class (my mom taught me years ago and I experimented on my own prior to taking a class though). This is a four patch pattern with mitered borders.

This was my 1st quilt I made after having my daughter...simple large blocks. Being a first time mom with a breastfeeding infant, you have to keep your projects simple :-)

This was a quilt I made during a class I hosted for some friends.  The first class I taught introduced the four-patch pattern.  For this quilt we decided to practice more simple block piecing.  We played around with a woven block piece for this design.

This was another quilt I made during a gathering with my quilting friends...they wanted to learn triangles, so each of us made a quilt with this chevron pattern.  I've shared this quilt in a previous post, but it is so simple to make so I wanted to share again.  I also changed up my quilting pattern for the first time and used a zig-zag to accent my chevron pattern.