Monday, April 8, 2013

2nd Birthday Party: It's Done!

I had so much fun planning my daughter's second birthday, but I am glad it is finally over! I ordered and made a lot of things to make this day extra special and wanted to take the time to highlight a few items...

No Minnie Party is complete without Minnie Ears and cake!:-)  Credit for this beautiful cake and cupcakes goes to "My Two Sweetie Pies"

After searching for creative ideas on pinterest, I had to create a Minnie Coupe for my daughter .  There are tons of sites with tutorials and different methods.  My favorties were Megan Kunkel's and The Hunted Interior.

The main thing I wanted to do differently from most sites was the ears.  I didn't want to use the wooden version (although I have seen some extremely cute versions).   I re-purposed an old toy that my daughter no longer played with to make my lightweight, plastic Minnie Ears (Playskool Elephant Ball Popper).  I also used pink polka dot fabric (I found in Joann's fabric) and made a stuffed bow to place on top.  The ball popper ears have a small hole on the left but it was easily covered from the front with my big bow.  I sewed my bow to the ears using the small holes that were already in the ears, so there was no need to use any glue for attachment.

As mentioned in previous posts, I made topiaries, invitations, tutus, centerpieces, party chairs, name it and I probably made it!  LOL!

Party Invitations

I made ears with bows for my daughter and her two older cousins

Tutu for Birthday Photo Session

I love these topiaries!

Favors: Personalized Minnie/Mickey Pail with Shirt and Ears Inside

Banner #1

Banner #2

Close Up of My Minnie ;-)

Another idea I found on The hunted Interior site was the idea for my party menu.  We had hotdogs, baked beans, pasta salad, cheese puffs (my daughter's favorite) and pink lemonade.

Now off to plan the next birthday party! Actually I am planning a few mini parties in between.  Since I love hosting I thought it would be great to host a few play dates throughout the year.  I'm collecting items for a Music Mania Play Date now ;-)

Also check out pictures from my parties on "Catch My Party"!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Party #1

My daughter has some amazing teachers.  They informed me on Thursday, they wanted to throw a birthday party for Gabby.  Her teachers made banners and birthday crowns, purchased cupcakes and cheese puffs for snack, and just made my baby girl feel special all around.  I do not take the acts of kindness from others lightly and thank God for such caring people being placed in my daughter's life.  I made her classmates little party favors.  Each gift cost a total of $1.45.  I purchased small $1 buckets and bulk bubbles.  I then used craft supplies I already had to make the gifts extra special.

Personalized Pails

 Birthday Banner From Her Class

 Class Banner #2