Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I Appreciate You!

Every year around this time mothers begin to stress out regarding what to get their child's teachers for Teacher's Appreciation Week.  The gift card route is always nice, but in the case where your child has multiple teachers that can add up pretty quickly.  However, you also don't want to waste your money on trinkets they will never use.  This year I decided to go with a simple idea I found on Pinterest (I Love that site).  There were tons of variations, but I wanted to go with a small beach bag filled with summer themed items.

Below is a breakdown of pricing for each gift:

Straw Beach Tote (Target Value Bin Section)- $3
Beach Towel (Walmart)- $6
Water Bottle (Dollar Tree)- $1
Photo Key Chain (Michaels)- $0.60 each (with 40% coupon for a pack of 3)
Total of $10.60 for this useful and personal gift!

Gifts Ready to Go! 

Close up of Water Bottle & Towel

 Water Bottle, Towel, and Key Chain

Close up of Gift