Saturday, March 19, 2016

Princess...well Khaleesi and Knight Party

I'm not the Disney Princess type mom....don't get me wrong I enjoy those classics, but when it comes to the examples I share with my daughter I want her to see strong women who don't sit around hoping for a knight in shining armor.  As my daughter is truly the strongest person I know on this entire Earth, I want to show her women of strength and great virtue.

Although not at all a kid friendly show, I love Game of Thrones and always call my daughter "my little Khaleesi"...because she loves dragons, has one of the sweetest, purest hearts, but is NO PUSH OVER!!! While she doesn't watch the show, it was the perfect spin on the princess and knight theme.   Therefore for her 5th birthday I am doing a Princess and Knight themed party that has some kid-friendly "Game of Thrones" inspiration.  Check out the beginnings of my handy work ;-)

My daughter's Iron Throne started out as one of those bright pink, $5 plastic chairs from Walmart.  With some plastic swords, glue, spray paint, and sand paper I was able to create a nice kid-sized replica.  The swords, helmets, shields, etc were Halloween finds at Dollar Tree.  I am also planning to give the kids knight/khaleesi crowns and capes as well, but I will save those for another post ;-)  Stay tuned!

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